Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Very new to a blog, so bare with me!!

Very new to the blog idea...So bear with me!! I thought what will be my title and theme. First thing that popped in my mine is Vamos!! I love Brazil, the word, and the meaning behind the word. It means "let's go"!!! And, then my overall theme is Life is an Adventure!! Oh how that is true in every aspect, from the serious moments, to the lighthearted, we can go on, and on. And, then my address is Meaning Let's go somewhere, or let's just go enjoy life together---enjoy the journey in every aspect. God is so good. Blessings again my friends.

Today is the last day of April, wow how time has flown and soon it will be Christmas again. This year has consisted of going down to visit family in Tampa where Mom resides and other family members that I love so much. A few of the things I got to experience in my time in Florida this January, was my brother and his wife Carol, and they're two precious children(Lilly and Lucas). They were down to visit in the States for 2 weeks. I also attended my cousin Priscilla's wedding. She married the handsome Jacob. It was a beautiful wedding, and an amazing fun night at the reception. And, also I got to see my cousin Emily come in to this world. What an eventful week and visit during those few days in Florida in January. Blessings from afar!!

Joy and Lilly

John, Carol, Lilly, and Lucas

February was a long time coming for my husband Mike....He had been experiencing long years of pain in his lower back, and had become paralyzed in his bowel and bladder area...So on Feb 4 Vanderbilt took on their gracious medical abilities to perform a 12 hour surgery that was only supposed to have been a 4 to 5 hour one. They had found a mass on his spine that at first they thought could have been malignant, but after they did a frozen biopsy......prayerfully everything came out negative. Mike stayed in Vanderbilt around 10 days, and then went to Milan General for 4 weeks of inpatient physical rehabiltitation. During this time, he is dealing with some struggles related to his prostate with high counts of PSA levels, and concerns of gaining his feeling back in his urological area. Please keep him in prayer in this area. A praise to be thankful for is he is going to outpatient physical therapy on his own in his truck now since returning home. We just hope his foley/catheter does not have much longer to stay in----.

Also in Feb on the 23, I attended a sweet wedding, a lady I have known since a lil girl -Ellen Flynn-- now married to Jordan Lloyd. What a precious wedding. On their honeymoon they went to San Francisco, what a beautiful city, especially a great place to go visit in the summer as well.

Ellen and Jordan at their reception!!

March and April was a sweet time with Mike's mom Minnie, and my precious mother-in law. She is 86 years old and a joy to be with. When I am at work, and Mike is steadily recovering, there is not a time when she is not using her time doing something.....She is cleaning for us, or asking what could she do to help, she lets me know what's going on regarding the soap operas....we take fun trips to Walgreens, and she even before I took her back to the airport, she walked the whole Opry Mills with me, and even shopped. What a trooper!!
Also in April too, I attended some sweet showers for some precious friends that are about to get married this summer.

Now May is coming upon us, and my first wedding shower I am helping hosts, for one of my closest friends in the whole I world.....Susan White. It will be held this Sat May 3, at Dumplins, and then the big day is June 21 in Lexington Kentucky. And, then right after the shower I head to Nashville to go pick up Momma Minnie, and we will probably go eat at the Macaroni Grill, and go look again for some swim suits. We are a funny pair. Then Wednesday I am off to Nashville again to vamos to Florida to see my momma, and some family.....Yeah!!

That is all for now, my husband should be coming home soon from going to physical therapy. We are probably having leftovers tonight as you all know cooking is not my fortae, but maybe it will become something that I grow to love someday. At the present I am just staying busy at work, and enjoy time with Mike and my sweet doggies....Minnie and Maxx!!

Blessings to all, and I'll write sooner next time.