Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My First Letter!!!

My First Letter arrived yesterday in the mail. I sponsor a sweet lil girl from Compassion International. She is from the country of Brazil, and she will be 6 in couple of weeks. It was basically like in survery form on elementary paper from Compassion Interantional from a sponsor that works with her down in Brazil. I was still so excited. So if anyone would like to pray for her and her family her name is Diva Christina Barcelos Rocha, she seems full of life. I look forward to building on this relationship with her over the years, and watching as she grows into a ball full life in her community as well as with her love for Jesus.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last Weekend of May---and June 1st!!!

Weekend of Weddings!!!

Congratulations Megan and Richard!!!

Megan Parrish and Richard Murphy united on May 31, at 1:00. What a sweet time it was, this courtship was so full of love but mainly a servantship and reflection of Christ from the beginning. I am so happy for you both. Megans' mom and dad Gil and Robin were our small group leaders in Sunday School at the church we attend.....Amazing people, and it is a reflection in their daughter Megan. Richard I have met through Megan, and shopping at Outdoors Inc, and mutual friends. His humble heart and love for Christ and Megan is amazing as well.

Congratulations Lori and John David!!!

Lori and John David got married at 6:30 on May 31!! What a fun, God centered time this was as well......The ceremony was nothing but precious, with the flower girls and ringbears coming down the aisle of the many children that Lori has invested in and families she has babysitted for--- that mean so much to her. The reception was so much fun.....the DJ made it so fun in how he got into every song, and made it fun being in the midst of the reunion/reception. Lori has been a friend that I have gotten to know through Young Life, and mutual friends, and just growing up in Jackson, she did some of her shadowing at Pathways with me years ago befor she graduated from college. Lori's life shows with her love for people and love for Christ. Lori and John David I am so excited for you both.....!!!

And, on May 31 Lynley Mandrell a sweet friend, and my pastor's wife of Ben Mandrell had there 3rd precious boy, Precious baby Number 4. I had the priveledge to hold him today....He is so sweet. I think he favors lil Ava....but oh how babies change.

On June 1st, one of my closest friends dad passed away. Jim Looney. Quiet, reserved man,with a neat dry sense of humor, who loved Jesus, and his family very dearly, and intently. Thank you Jesus, when we get to heaven there will be no more suffering.....We will miss you Jim, but we know you are in the hands of the Lord.