Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!!

Memorial Day Weekend!!!

A weekend of rest, that was much needed.

Friday, Mike and I rented the movie Bella. A wonderful intense "drama movie".....If you would like to feel every emotion, try watching it very thought provoking. I would highly recommend it. It is in the new releases at Blockbuster. My close friend Molly Graves Campbell recommended it to us.

Saturday----Was a long awaited day for a good friend and her handsome fiancee....Shekia and Chima...On May 24!!! Congratulations to both of you guys. The wedding was nothing but beautiful...Shekia you did a wonderful job planning, and God sure blessed this special day of yours. I wish you both many years of happiness and God's blessings upon both of you. Don't ever walk where He doesn't lead!!

Monday---Happy Memorial Day!! God Bless all the veterans, and everyone that is serving in the war or has served!! It rained mostly all day off and on....Later that day the neighbors invited us over for a fish fry. Mike rested on this day, but I went over there and visited with the neighbors...Chris and Libby. I would have to say it was the best fish I have ever put in my mouth.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The middle of the week is here otherwise known as Hump Day!!

Well it is Hump Day, a little update from the past couple of days.

My lil bonus in life called a car; which got out of the shop yesterday. I am so blessed as a dwarf(lil person) to be able to drive. And, then everybody knows I am a lover of being on the road, and traveling especially to Nashville. Everybody asks how do you drive, or are you able....earthly and fleshly speaking I love me some driving. And, the joy of it is anybody can drive my car, the extensions that come out from the pedals, they are on the rods, not the pedals themselves. So it is nice to have some wheels back in my life, due to my job causes me to travel and stay on the road. If anybody that is reading this needs a good and honest mechanic, I prefer Lynn's Auto Body Repair over anybody in town. You will get good honest work for your money.

And, since Mike has been home from the hospital, he has had a catheter in and out 3 times, and yesterday made the third time due to some unexplainable fluid built up, and his body is still in shock from the surgery. So please still keep him in your prayers regarding his overall recovery. Time is the only answer in the regards to his healing.

Today I am taking Minnie(Mike's mom) back to the airport in Nashville...Got my car back in the nic of time. Hopefully it will be a successful trip.

Also I had the chance yesterday to see a close friend, Susan Larson and her two boys. She was visiting down from Nashville at her mom and dad's in Jackson. Her mom, the dear Mrs. Marilyn Jett, is struggling with cancer, and theres' days where her chemo takes a hold of her moreso than other days. What a trooper she has been, and neat to see how she is nothing but in the Lord's hands. I also had the pleasure in seeing Steve and Dana Jett's triplets for the first time in action play together....They are so adorable, and have so much life in their personality.

This weekend marks the first of a few weddings I will be attending this summer. I'll be going to Milan for a friend of mine Tashekia Brown. It will be exciting for this day to finally come for Shekia and Chima. What a sweet day it will be....

I hope everyone is having a blessed week.......

Monday, May 19, 2008

oh how i miss them!!

Carol, Lilly, John and Lucas!!

Oh How I miss them!!!

This is the newest picture of my brother's John and his family.

This picture is taken in the last month. They are in the mission field in Brazil. Lilly and Lucas are growing up, glad they're are things like internet so it allows us to see pics of them growing up.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Pride and Joy---Minnie and Maxx

Well it is the weekend, Saturday evening, and my car is still at the shop, so it looks like I will be getting it back sometime late Monday or Tuesday afternoon. My flesh in my soul is saying "I am stuck here all weekend, and won't be able to leave the house." And due to having no car, I self pitied in my selfishness with such a material thing that we seem to not be able to live without. Then I realized, I have so much to be thankful for and dont'even realize it. This will be the first weekend that I can rest, and not be busy... filled with events with the upcoming of summer weddings and such.....And, when I will get my car back it will have a full tank of gas. And, no gas was used.....So this afternoon .....My husband Mike, Minnie(and my precious mother-in-law), and my pride and joys Minnie and Maxx took a road trip to the Market downtown, and the Fresh Market on Hollywood Dr, and to the infamous Walgreens on Campbell. And, after every stop Minnie and Maxx tried to get out of the car, and acted like humans and wanted to go with Minnie and I while Mike stayed in the truck and waited on us.....It was quite interesting with 2 ornery dogs(but precious ones),my mother-in-law(Minnie), my husband and me, and five people in the front seat of a Ford F 150. So basically the point of this random talk about my lil Life Can Be Adventure even in the lil things in life, even when you dont' always get your way, or if life doesn't always go as you expected in the not being to have your car one weekend....Life can be enjoyed in so many small ways....I dont' know what I would do without my precious children( yes they are dogs), but they have brought much joy to my life.....Minnie my oldest doggie is so loyal, and Maxx is so loving, and playful.....and so precious. I just taught Maxx how to shake, and in the process of teaching him how to rollover, but he haven't grasped that yet. And even on facebook, a new social imenity that we all love has been a great way to reconnect with friends.....So to end this day, even in the lil things there are always things to be thankful for.....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend!!!

How we say "Life is an Adventure"....Oh how it was this weekend, in every emotion, possible!!!

May 7( Wednesday): I was very excited about going to Florida, and on the way to Nashville to go to the airport, I turned on the AC about 10 miles outside of Jackson and instead of turning the air coming on, heat came a coming.....and I went into a state of shock and frustration. Not fun in the least. Looked at my temp gage, and it was all the way over to the letter H. Then I pulled in to Exit 93 Law Road exit, and it was steaming out of my front end. So their went a lil disappointment coming from me as I'm going to miss my plane. Finally a call from Roadside Assistance of Verizon, they sent out a tow truck to take my car to the infamous Lynn's Auto Repair Shop, the most honest shop and man in town. Then with a few calls I had wonderful friends Anna and Jeff Miller to take me to the airport to make the next flight at 9:05. Had a wonderful mexican dinner at this place in Dixon, probably the best I've had in awhile. But, silly me since I travel to Nashville alot, I thought that later flight was at 9:45, but when I called Mom to double check it it was at 9:05. So good ole Jeff did some bookin on I-40 going into Nashville....(ALWAYS NEVER ASSUME) I was a bit when we got to the airport...curbside service was alrighty shut down. And, Anna and I went inside to check-in and I had exactly 20 minutes and they said my baggage was going to be Late Arrival, and my bags weren't going to make it. So by the grace of God, I made it to the gate running, and they hadn't even started loading yet. I got my pre-board....loaded in around 3 minutes.....sat down, and enjoyed the flight. I was glad to get off the plane...Plane landed in Tampa...and went down to get my baggage, and my backpack and suitcase was the first thing off the bayer belt.....what a nice surprise....I was so glad to see Mom, and glad to be finally there in the Sunshine State of Floria.

May 8th : Had the pleasure to go swimming in Mom's pool and hang out with my cousin Sarah and her boyfriend Regis. He helped me with my computer and my blog a little bit, due to my ignorance regarding computers. Then we found out the bad news with the car.....radiator damage.....Mom and I went shopping later that night and had a great time.....

May 9th----Found out more damage with my lil red car of mine, oh well. Thank the Lord for income tax checks. Mom and I went over to see Grandma. My aunt Sandy and the kids , and momma went to Channelside and went Bowling at the most neatest place, where you actually had a full course meal at the lanes, and your own private lane. Then we all went to see the movie Speedracer on IMAX. What an experience!!

May 10---My cousin Emily of 4 months got dedicated at the Baby Dedication at the crossing at the 5:00 service....What an incredible service it was, even after the Baby Dedication. Emily has grown so much since I seen her at the last time of 4 days old.

May 11---Happy Mother's Day to all parents!! What a lovely and challenging job you mothers have. It was a wonderful day with my mom, my aunt Sandy, and my grandmother. We were at my mom's swimming at her pool for the day, and lunch by the poolside. Later that evening Sandy and I went to see Aunt Dolly at the nursing home, and Evelyn was visiting as well. After Aunt Dolly's we went to Ronnie and Evelyn's and had a nice visit.

May 12---Mom and I had a nice day just hanging out at Pinebreeze....We went to Indian Rocks Beach, and had a great time at the beach walking, looking at wonderful beautiful houses, and swimming. Later we went to Crabby Bill's had a nice dinner...then we went outside to the patio and listened to live music. What a wonderful time that day that was spent with Mom!!

I was blessed to have a great weekend, and now I am home to my husband Mike, my precious mother-in law Minnie...and my pride and joys Minnie and Maxx(my doggies). As of yesterday, Mike got his catheter out, crossing of fingers, hopefully all will go well with his bladder, and he is having great success with his phyical therapy. So the recovery is coming along, but he has much more to's been slow and challenging but a promising recovery at that.

Love to all...and Blessings to everyone....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

What a busy day, but a joyful one!!

Wow!! May 3rd, can't believe May is here already just seems like yesterday it was first day of 2008. Today was the day of Susan's my very close friend, shower/brunch that Staci Brown, Peggy Smith, and I hosted here in Jackson at Dumplins.

Then I took off to Nashville to pick up Momma Minnie Mike's mom.......And before the shower I got a new hairdo by the wonderful Anna Miller. This haircut was a long time coming for ole Joy. I would love to post pictures of today, but as soon as I learn a few things from the blog and and get some couple pics, I will be writing for the time being. Now Minnie and I arrived home, and glad to be home.

Susan, it was so good to see you today. I am so excited for your big day on June 21!!

Susan and Joy---one of my closest friends---
The shower at Dumplins on May 3rd...what a sweet time!!

The hostess at Susan's shower: Joy, Staci, and Peggy!!